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About Deerpath Music

Deerpath Music, a division of Baby Doin' the Jig Productions, Inc., is an Illinois-based record company which specializes in instrumental music by artists primarily in the Chicagoland area.

Like president and founder Derrick Stout, Deerpath artists are all multi-instrumentalists and are well-versed in a variety of musical styles. Derrick started Deerpath Music to provide a personal and unique creative outlet for artists whose talents go beyond the bounds of their usual musical circles.

What's New at Deerpath Music

The latest release from Deerpath is Lake Bluff, IL, native Sonja Veile's Sunrise Park. A collection of 11 piano compositions inspired by the richness and beauty of her hometown's natural surroundings, the album evokes the many moods and locales of this cozy North Shore village, and provides both counterpoint and companion to the first Deerpath Music release, Derrick Stout's Deerpath, inspired by the surroundings of nearby Lake Forest.

Deerpath's previous CD, Roots & Wings, is a departure from its previous releases. It features songs written and performed by students from the Lathrop Community Music Center in downtown Chicago, with styles ranging from jazz and Latin to rock and rap. Studio time was donated by Deerpath president Derrick Stout and all proceeds from the CD go toward funding programs for the Lathrop Center.

All of the artist pages have been updated with new RealAudio samples. They are high-quality SureStream stereo, set to stream at 56K or DSL/cable speeds, depending on your connection. You will need RealPlayer G2 or the new RealPlayer 7. Click the graphic to download.

Deerpath Special Note

All Deerpath CDs feature cover photography by renowned photographer Robert J. Kelly. Follow this link to the Robert J. Kelly site.



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