Baby Doin' The Jig Productions is a full-service music
production and recording company
in Lake Bluff, IL. We've
been home to musicians from such bands as The Smashing
Pumpkins, Filter, Poi Dog Pondering, Styx, Cupcakes and
Retina, as well as many independent and emerging artists.


p e r s o n n e l

People make the difference. That's the bottom line.
Let's face it, anyone can go out and buy all the newest and
best equipment. But all the bells and whistles can't make a
great recording on their own. You need a knowledgeable,
creative, and musical set of ears behind the board to use the
technology to its fullest and bring out the best in your music.

Owner / Engineer/Producer - Suede has produced dozens of albums,
music for major motion pictures, and has sold over 20,000 CDs.
Being a successful singer / songwriter & producer, he can bring
professional polish to any project.

Engineer / Session Musican - BlueRoy has played on thousands of
sessions, albums, commercials and studio projects. A studio veteran,
his talent & ideas behind the board or in front of a mic can turn a demo
into a platinum-selling album.

Engineer / Producer - Skip Latte has worked in many a studio,
but we're proud to say he calls Baby Doin' The Jig Productions his
home. With studies in sound engineering and his wide range of real-world
experience, Skip brings a wealth of knowledge to the studio. His
creative approach to engineering and producing is what makes him
unique in the industry.


d i r e c t i o n s

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the directions page to find out more.


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